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Dr. Danielle Hairston


Dr. Dani

Double-Board Certified Psychiatrist 

Mental Health Advocate 

Psychiatry Residency Program Director 

APA Black Caucus President

 Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist

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It's Nice to Meet You!

I am a first-generation doctor, the only physician in my family. I chose the psychiatry field because psychiatry was the rotation that I woke up looking forward to going to in med school. I was hesitant because of the stigma about psychiatry in medicine and mental health in my community. Ultimately, I had to make the choice that was right for me and the community that I care about serving. Psychiatry gives me the opportunity to address the total needs of patients: physical, mental, social, and advocacy. And, there is never a dull day in psychiatry! Something new is always going on. 

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Work With Dr. Dani


I love mentoring and being an advisor and inspiration to medical students and young doctors. 


Speaking enables me to educate and connect with audiences across the nation. 

Black Trivia Night

Black Trivia Night is a bi-weekly wellness and health event. It enables communities to alleviate stress through culture. 

Black Psychiatry

There is a lack of representation in psychiatry. This is an effort to help doctors build a community and lift each other up. 

"Protect and Preserve Your Peace"


Black Trivia Night


Black Trivia Night was created by mental health experts to bring good vibes, wellness, and excellence to our communities. We are bringing joy through trivia, music, and culture. Stay connected with us, for the culture.

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